The Power of the Tigercat 760B for Large-Scale Mulching Projects

The Tigercat 760B is a formidable force in land clearing, boasting a powerful Tigercat FPT engine that delivers up to 358 kW (480 hp).

Across Virginia, where tracts of land are often covered with thick vegetation, the need for powerful land clearing equipment is important for efficiency. As a leading player in the forestry industry, we have successfully met this challenge head on with the adoption of the Tigercat 760B. This robust carrier has proven to be a game-changer in large-scale forestry mulching projects, offering a unique blend of power, efficiency, and reliability. The Tiger Cat 760 B not only boasts power, efficiency, and reliability but is specifically engineered to sustainably clear more acres in a day and tackle larger acreage projects. The following features highlight the main benefits of using the 760B for our large-scale land clearing requests.

Powerful Performance

The Tigercat 760B boasts a powerful Tigercat FPT engine that delivers up to 358 kW (480 hp). This high horsepower carrier is specifically designed for large-scale land clearing and post-harvest silviculture applications. The power mulching and subsoiling heads capabilities makes it a versatile solution for a variety of forestry tasks.

Efficient Cooling System

One of the standout features of the Tigercat 760B is its efficient, high-capacity cooling system. Equipped with an automatic variable-speed fan, this system not only improves fuel economy but also incorporates a reversing cycle to combat airborne dust and debris. This ensures that the equipment remains operational and efficient even in challenging environmental conditions.

Durable Construction

Built with durability in mind, the Tigercat 760B features a heavy-duty front chassis and boom system. Tigercat’s commitment to quality is evident in the design and construction of the axles, transmission, and pump drive gearbox—all of which are manufactured in-house. This dedication to robust construction translates to proven reliability, ensuring high uptime for time-sensitive forestry projects.

Boom Float System

The standard-equipped boom float system sets the Tigercat 760B apart from its competitors. This feature allows the mulching head to automatically follow terrain contours, enabling high production in tough terrain, slopes, and gullies. The thoughtful component arrangement, including large doors for easy access to daily service points, further enhances the equipment’s usability and maintenance efficiency.

Operator Comfort and Control

The Tigercat 760B prioritizes operator comfort and control. The climate-controlled operator’s station features an extreme-duty, heated and cooled, air-ride suspension seat, providing a comfortable working environment in all weather conditions. The inclusion of a high-output heater and air conditioning, along with an ergonomic, armrest-mounted joystick steer and drive, ensures that operators can focus on the task at hand without compromising on comfort.

Mulching Head Excellence

Equipped with the Tigercat 4061-30 mulching head, the Tigercat 760B is optimized for post-harvest clean-up. This combination of a powerful carrier and an efficient mulching head results in a powerful team capable of tackling even the most challenging forestry projects with precision and speed.

Our adoption of the Tigercat 760B is redefining the landscape of large-scale forestry mulching projects in Virginia. With its powerful performance, durable construction, and operator-friendly features, the Tigercat 760B stands out as a reliable and efficient solution for the demanding tasks associated with land clearing and silviculture. As the forestry industry continues to evolve, so does our equipment so that we can bring you the most efficient, professional, and affordable land clearing services possible.

“Hurst Landworks spent a day and a 1/2 on my property mulching and grinding stumps down to ground level. They did an excellent job in both open areas and working in tight quarters around utilities and structures. I will use them again in the future!”


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